South Africa

Social apps is a job sharing mobile web app where you help others by posting jobs, bursaries ...  More

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Turn It Around South Africa

The largest community policing network in South Africa. Normal people fighting crime by ...  More

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Promising Entrepeneurs + Great Ideas + World Class Talent + Investors + Great Place to Live = ...  More

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Looking for the perfect place to dine? Dining-OUT’s powerful search engine will find ...  More

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Wicount is your fun-maker, your personal event planner, your cool friend with all the good ...  More

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Web-Static is a mobile website where people can communicate and message each other and ...  More

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Pants On Fire Complaints

A new complaints site built on a social media platform for quick and easy resolution to brand ...  More

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Mobile chat and social networking site for East and South Africans


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“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
Nelson Mandela

You report it. ...  More

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To thrive in today’s marketplace, you have to build up a network of business contacts ...  More

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