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Online registries are up there with sliced bread – no mall slogging, no gift-hauling, national access for guests far and wide and easy as pie for you to monitor and update.
Create the gift registry for your wedding online from our selection of 2500 products and fill your new home with the hottest kitchen appliances, cookware, gadgets and tools the world has to offer. They’ll change the way you feel about cooking. In fact we’ve had reports of heated but refreshing tussles over who gets to hold the spoon and slice the onions. Nice. Sharing is caring, people.
You’ll be able to keep in touch with us on 0861 YUPPIE and get immediate attention for any queries or concerns and we’ll deliver your stash safely to your doorstep after the big day, wrapped and with hand-written cards.
Sound good? Get started now at or call us for a chat.

Last updated 4 Apr 2011

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