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Moral Fibre is both a platform for ideas and a T-Shirt company. Moral Fibre T-Shirts welcome your design submissions and would like to help you get your design printed, should it meet our standards.
Should your design be selected by our panel of judges, Moral Fibre T-Shirts will print 60 T-Shirts with your design on it. We will take the profit from the sale of the first 30 T-Shirts and will split the profits 50 / 50 with you on the second lot of 30 T-Shirts sold.
Moral Fibre, is not a brand – it is a way of being, a mindset and force to embraced and worn on your sleeves. In order to be accepted as a designer for Moral Fibre your methods, message and demeanor should be in line with ours.

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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